Hello and welcome to Full of Grace, a small shrine dedicated to Kaworu Nagisa of Neon Genesis Evangelion. Before you start browsing, I suggest you pay a visit to the Table of Contents page to get a complete overview of the content currently offered.

Neon Genesis Evangelion was one of the first anime series I watched as a kid and even now it still is one of my favourite anime (if not my utmost favourite). When it came down to decide which character of the huge Evangelion cast I would have shrined, I choose Kaworu. Despite his brief appearance, Kaworu plays a key role in the story.

With Full of Grace I tried to give a general presentation of this character as well as to provide a collection of in-depth material. I hope you will enjoy your stay 🙂

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The menu with all the main sections can be found on your right, below the main image.

Normally I’d say to browse the basic section first in order to avoid spoilers, but with Kaworu things are quite different. Since he appears toward the very end of the series and for just one episode, it is quite impossible to talk about him without spoiling the story.

It would be also better if you were already familiar with Evangelion, since I have made several references to what happened before Kaworu’s arrival and to various characters of the show.

Please Note! This shrine covers only the anime/movie version of the character of Kaworu and NOT the manga/videogame versions. I did however made references to these media when they provided useful information regarding Kaworu or other topics related to Kaworu.