Hello visitor are welcome to Ab Intra, a web shrine dedicated to the character Light Yagami of Death Note. Being a die hard fan of “bad boys”, I couldn’t pass on the great opportunity offered by Amassment‘s villains marathon and it didn’t take me a lot of time to pick Light.

Was Light a crazy person who thought he alone could change the world? Was he a natural born killer and a cold-hearted individual? Or was he a good person who ended up being influenced, corrupted by a lethal tool like the Death Note?

While many people consider him to be the personification of evil, I believe that labelling him as the villain with a capital V, is a quick yet ineffective way to analyse a character that isn’t so simple. There are many intriguing aspects and interesting details of his personality that are clouded by his not so legal ways to cleanse the world and that is what I would like to present with the essays found on Ab Intra.

At the moment this little tribute is far from being complete (university exams took away from me more time that what I had planned), although I hope the amount of informative and analytical material provided will be enough to satisfy your Light-related needs…at least for a little while ;)

Ab Intra: Amassment March 2011 SOTM

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You can find all the sections currently available on Ab Intra listed in the menu on your right. To get an overview of the content, you can take a look at the Table of Contents.

I divided all the pages between non-spoiler and spoiler so that you can safely browse this shrine in case you haven’t finished reading the manga or watching the anime yet. The non-spoiler section are Series and Profile, the spoiler section are the ones from Media to Kira.


Ab Intra is based on both the manga and the anime versions of Death Note since they are, for the most part, the same. I considered the manga as the primary source of information, while the anime comes as second. This means that all quotes, unless otherwise specified, are taken from the manga version. In those cases where the anime differs from the manga, you will find a note explaining the difference(s).

You won’t find any reference to other Death Note sources (movies, novels…) because I’m not familiar with them and when working on this shrine I decided to exclusively focus, at least for the moment, on the manga and anime versions.