Hello and welcome to Nymph, a shrine dedicated to Rydia of Mist from Final Fantasy IV. After making tributes mostly focused on a few boys, I decided it was time to showcase some girl love as well. Rydia is my favourite female character from the game (you can read more about why in the Appendix section), and thanks to the recent DS remake I felt it was a good occasion to make this small dedication.

A word of advice: Nymph doesn’t follow a traditional content organisation (Rydia, in-game, media…), so if you fear to get lost please take a look at the “How to Navigate” section found right below this paragraph. With that said, enjoy your stay and happy browsing!

Sofia • October 30, 2011Archives

How to Navigate

The first part of Nymph is meant to introduce the character of Rydia, starting from some base stats to analysing symbols and metaphors related to her. It also serves as a site introduction because it presents themes that will be covered in detail in the second part of this shrine. All the introductory sections (from Foundation to Summons) consider Rydia as a “finished product”, in other words they take into consideration all the events happened throughout the game, which means that spoilers abound!

All the other sections instead chronicle the life of Rydia. Nymph was born as a biography, its aim is to describe and analyse important steps for Rydia; from the beginning till the end of Final Fantasy IV, including Final Fantasy IV‘s sequel; The After Years. This means you should begin from the Prologue and proceed following the order I gave until arriving at the last section; Epilogue.

If you still have doubts, or want to overlook the content of the various pages in detail visit the Table of Contents section before proceeding.