Hello and welcome to Blitzartig, a shrine dedicated to everybody’s favourite Chicken-wuss: Zell Dincht of Final Fantasy VIII.

The year 2009 marked Final Fantasy VIII‘s 10 year anniversary and, as that was the first Final Fantasy I played, I wanted to do something to celebrate it. Unfortunately 2009 turned out to be an awful year and all my good proposals got lost. With the arrival of the new year, I intended to continue what I had started. I picked up from where I left, made an effort to conclude it and here is the result, a small symbol of my appreciation.

I hope that, even though many years have passed since the release of Final Fantasy VIII, Blitzartig will be able to give some new insights on Zell and that you will enjoy your stay here :)

Sofia × Last updated on September 11, 2010


The menu can be easily found next to the big “Blitzartig” text. Clicking the name of a section (“Basic”, “In-Game”, “Story”, “Deep” and “Site”) will make appear a list of its pages right below it. The “Navi” section instead is a small collection of quick links to move back to the home page or on to other sites linked to Blitzartig.

Some pages were too long so it was necessary to split them, which means they actually span on multiple sub-pages. In this case a menu listing the sub-pages’ content will appear right below the page’s title.

Site Map

All the sections should be quite self-explanatory, but in case there is something unclear here is a quick browsing help.

  • Basic stuff: these are the most factual, objective and spoiler-free pages (save for the Quotes pages depending how far one went in the game)
  • Technical stuff: another spoiler-free section dealing with Zell in-game-related information, such as his limit break, his weapons or his design
  • Story stuff: Zell’s biography; what has happened in his life from his childhood to the end of the game. All the events follow a chronological order and not the distribution made in the game. Strongly correlated events (for example the assassination attempt and D-District prison part) are normally covered on the same page
  • Deep stuff: a few articles on the more analytical aspects of Zell’s character. It should go without saying that these pages are extremely spoiler-ish!
  • Site stuff: everything you may have wanted to know on Blitzartig, from site details to affiliation